Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Writing for Business Final Blog

Social media is a great tool for writers and businesses. I think social media is a way for writers to let their work be known through the internet.  There is less work that has to be done by creating a blog and tweeting your blog link than going around to different magazines, newspapers, publishers, etc,  Also, the amount of people that will be able to view your information is vast compared to pre-internet days.  For businesses, I think that social media is a way to promote your business with practically no advertising expense.  I think in these types of professions, social media has exploded through the roof with opportunities.

Although there are great benefits of using social media for work-related purposes, there are drawbacks as well.  It is beneficially because it is a virtually free form of advertising.  One can create a Facebook or Twitter account and post about events happening in your business.  You can reach a crowd of unthinkable numbers with the "likes" and "follows."  With friends of friends of friends seeing this, it can encourage them to check out the page as well.  I look at it as another form of word of mouth.  There are potential drawbacks though.  Mainly, at some point you have to separate work from personal.  Whether it is to create two separate accounts or to limit the amount of personal information you divulge.  Another thing is what types of information your friends reveal about you too.

Will I use it at my current job or possibly a different job in the future?  Not personally in my current position.  We have a marketing department that manages social media sites, but it does not involve me using it directly.  Will I use it in the future?  I don't know about in the future; the future is unknown.  I do not think that with my profession there would be a need for it, but with the way technology is advancing, anything is possible.

The style of writing has changed with social media because it encourages people to be short, sweet, and to the point.  This is why I see social media as a great opportunity for advertisement.  It needs to be catchy and appealing to the eye to attract readers.  I already feel like my idea of writing has been affected by blogging and tweeting.  It makes you think about what words are unnecessary to get your point across to the audience, except, for example, when you are writing a minimum 500 word blog.

The internet and social media has tremendously changed the society.  One is only a click away from endless amounts of information.  Whether doing a research project or looking for a place to eat dinner, the internet offers more information in the shortest amount of time imaginable.  Also, social media allows people to communicate with more opportunities than picking up a phone and calling.  Society is too busy these days to use a telephone and social media allows several different ways to fulfill this contact.

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