Saturday, December 3, 2011

Infographic Of The Day: Walmart Dwarfs Entire Industries And Nations

Are you a fan of Walmart?  This giant info-graphic may have you thinking a little differently about the world's largest retailer.  These crazy Walmart statistics are overwhelming and although I do feel they have the lowest prices, it really makes me think twice about shopping there.

"If revenue were Walmart's national GDP it would be the 25th largest economy in the world."  Walmart is also the largest grocer out selling Safeway by three times.  There are more Walmart employees than there are people in the United States Military. This is my favorite, Walmart's CEO, Michael Duke, makes more in an hour than the average full-time associates.

After living in the next city over from Walmart's home office for almost five years, I am no stranger to Walmart.  There in the small corner of Northwest Arkansas, Walmart feels like it has a monopoly.  I lived two miles from a Walmart, but the nearest grocery store would take 20 minutes to get to.  I could get to two Walmarts and two Neighborhood Markets, a subsidiary of Walmart, before I could get to the nearest grocery store.

After knowing a couple people in my family that have worked at Walmart, I can see why their revenue is so high.  It seems like they pay their staff poorly and in horrible working conditions.  For how many people shop at Walmart, I feel that the owners, the Walton Family, need to give back a little more to the community.

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