Saturday, November 12, 2011

Technical Communication Ch. 6 - 7

Chapter six is titled, "Gathering Reader-Centered Information," and is all about doing your research and collecting evidence.  Chapter seven is titled, "Analyzing Information and Thinking Critically."  This chapter focuses on arranging your information to find significant relationships.

Chapter six presents four places to get information that may be helpful, "Persons affected," "Persons involved," "Other organizations or groups engaged in similar efforts," and "Professional publications."  These are great places to start when doing research because they are almost right in the middle of the action.  Also, when writing documents, make sure to note where you got the information to avoid plagiarism.

Chapter seven stresses how important it is to analyze your information and find meaningful relationships.  "Interpretations may take many forms, including generalizations, explanations, and comparisons, along with exceptions, and counterevidence."  It is very important to explain the relationships to your readers to minimize confusion.  I think the book showed some good examples in the confusion that can come from different interpretations.

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