Saturday, November 12, 2011

Technical Communication Ch. 4 - 5

Chapter four is titled, "Planning for Usability."  It discusses the processes to reaching out to your reader to keep them interested in what have to write.  Chapter five is titled, "Planning Your Persuasive Strategies."  This chapter focuses on how to persuade your readers by building credibility.

One of the most important facts that chapter four states is, "Give the bottom line first."  This is so important in writing when you are trying to get a point across.  If you fill a paper with a bunch of nonsense, you will lose your reader before they finish the first paragraph.  Another important thing when writing is helping your readers find what they want.  "At work, readers often want to find a particular piece of information without reading the entire document that contains it."  To help your readers find the main facts, you want them to stick out from the rest of the document.  You can do this by using bold headings, bullet points, or graphics.  I think this chapter had good information about how to weed out pointless information that will bore your readers.

Chapter five states the following reasons to persuade your reader's attitudes, "Reverse an attitude," "Reinforce and attitude," and "Shape their attitude."  Gaining credibility is important to persuading reader's attitudes.  It is very important to do proper research to gain evidence to support the point you are trying to get across.  At some times, you may have to try and persuade your reader's thoughts before you can get to the main point.  This chapter was good in showing that if you can build a good relationship with your readers, they will be more likely to trust you and find you credible.

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